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JS Facilities Services Ltd0151 521 7370 (24 Hrs)Helpdesk@jsfmservices.co.uk

Professional customised property management in Liverpool

We are a highly professional partner that you can depend on when it comes to property management, whether it be for flats, houses or commercial property. Here at JS Facilities Services Ltd, you can count on our knowledge and experience to provide a personal service for you and your property.

We aim to provide a high-value property management service driven by our commitment to cooperating with our clients and meeting all their requirements. From commercial and technical services to administrative management tasks: We provide all building services for the total facilities sector. Expert knowledge, commitment and flexibility: JS Facilities Services Ltd has been successful in providing tailor-made management packages to its clients for many years.


Reactive Maintenance are maintenance works that require swift and immediate attention, this can be for reasons such as to prevent any further deterioration, to prevent further loss, or to meet any health and safety standards and regulations that are already in place. Reactive maintenance is taking swift action when breakdown occurs

If your business requires immediate reactive works we can help, we deal with all types of reactive maintenance works including damaged ceilings, damaged fencing, electrical faults, burst pipes, water leaks and gas leaks, Roof leaks, At JS Facilities Services we can assist with all these issues and more. 


Rather than waiting for problems to occur, planned maintenance is actually an asset management technique used to minimise costs by managing buildings and their components in a way as to minimise the chance of major issues ever occuring. 

Planned Maintenance or Facilities Management is a service that we provide for our customers. Our facilities management team ensure that all equipment and facilities in your building are operating correctly, we pre-plan maintenance for every item separately according to manufacturers recommendation or legislation, this enables you as a business to continue running smoothly without downtime ever occuring.


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